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What is Goal Mapping.

Goal Mapping is truly universal and can be focused for specific situations and used ongoing after the workshop to support achievement in many areas and objectives.

While some types of success can be random ‘sustainable success’ in any area of business, team endeavour, or individual effort is never an accident. Sustainable success is purposeful!
It is the result of learning and applying the principles of success, in belief, attitude and action.

Goal Mapping works to develop the Empowering Mindsets, Winning Attitudes and Effective Habit-patterns. This will create success; in any individual, team or even entire organisations.

Since 1995, the Goal Mapping system has touched the lives of more than 4 million people in over 30 countries.
Its simplicity and power have seen it used widely from world-leading businesses, coaches and schools, to wellbeing practitioners, weight-loss experts, world-champion athletes and countless thousands of individuals to achieve success.

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The Goal Mapping technique is 7 simple steps that help to active a person’s ‘whole-brain’ by using a unique combination of words and images.
The process of going through the 7 steps of Goal Mapping.
It creates great levels of conscious clarity about What is to be achieved, the Priority and Why, When, How and Who will be needed.

By creating a Goal Map in words and pictures, it activates both sides of the brain, helping to balancing vision with strategy.
This process also powerfully commands the subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind works like a personal autopilot.
In that way the user will be motivated and empowered  towards the achievement of their targets and goals.

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Whatever form of success you, your team or your organisation seek,
let Goal Mapping help empower you to make it a reality